New heart. New song. New covenant. A new thing.
New creation.

Because we at HopeUC are pursuing Kingdom causes, with a new vision, a new way of thinking, a new language even - and a renewed passion for our collective calling.

Through our heart for missions, both locally and globally, we're not just looking for people to support – we're seeking out friends who are passionately living out their purpose. It's about forming deep, meaningful connections with those who are making real impacts in their communities. Our approach is all about empowerment, extending beyond financial support to sharing the rich resources of people graced with unique strengths and giftings.

When you join the missions team, you're stepping into a life-changing journey. It's an experience that takes you beyond your comfort zone, immerses you in new realities, and ignites a deeper hunger for the Kingdom of God. These missions are about mutual enrichment – giving and receiving in equal measure. The sacrifices made, be it time away from family or the comforts of home, are investments in a greater cause. They lead to a profound personal transformation and a renewed commitment to spreading hope and change. Our mission is a call to action, an invitation to be part of something larger than ourselves, and a pathway to bring back invaluable experiences to our community.

This is the heart of our mission:
empowering leaders, fostering powerful worship and family cultures, and building lifelong friendships that transcend borders and transform lives.


If you want to go on a Missions Trip, click the link below to apply.


The Mission
Our friends in Uruguay are following the lead of HopeUC and using this year to focus on the family. That being said, there will be diverse ministry opportunities, but all will point back to family at the center.  If reaching across borders in order to build strong families and lasting relationships is your passion then this is the trip for you!



November 8-16th, 2024

STATUS: Our Team for this trip is now full! Stay tuned for our next missions trip opportunity!
Below you'll see a few of our missions family. Click into each of our family's pages to learn more about them, their prayer needs, and how to support them.

Rob & Kathryn Harryman

Riley Kneedler
South Africa

Elba & Ramon Roldan

Hope Global is a faith-based nonprofit founded by Mark and Darlene Zschech bringing HOPE to people through education in countries that have been devastated by genocide, war and poverty.  HOPE is a global initiative uniting individuals, churches, schools, professionals and organizations from all over the world to be part of the answer in bringing hope to developing nations in a way that is practical and sustainable.