Divinely Designed; a ministry for expectant mothers.

Our vision is that expectant moms and their family will feel seen and know they are a part of a family of families. A family who will stand with them and pray with them as they prepare for this new precious life. We will do this in a few ways that you can see below.

Community: It will be our goal that the expectant mother and her family will feel cared for and loved during this exciting time. Moms and grandmothers from our community will walk alongside expectant mothers and family throughout the pregnancy and be a “wrap around” support mentally, physically and spiritually.

Health: As the weeks of her pregnancy go on, we will also provide healthy tips from our moms as well as spending time with friends, lavish with gifts and laughter.

Practical: The love doesn't stop when the baby is born! It will be our honor to show up for you once the baby is born by providing with a few meals, assist with any organization you may need and learn about your individual needs. 

How We Will Provide Support

It would be our honor to provide expectant mothers of our community with a  mentor and friend throughout the duration of their pregnancy and post-partum journey.  We have special gifts and cards with scriptures and blessings over the baby and family for each trimester.  We want to spend time with each mom praying together and chatting about the exciting times ahead. We also would love to connect you with other mothers in our community!

For general inquiries...

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