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welcome to HOPEUC NAshville

By God’s grace we pray that Hope Unlimited Church Nashville will always be a body, a church, a family and a home that is defined by God’s presence.  Worshipful, missional, prayerful, generational, creative, generous, thankful, authentic and completely passionate about people responding to the message of salvation. And with a shout that resounds through every part of our lives that HOPE is a person, and His name is Jesus.

worship is our honor

Sunday Service Schedule

At HopeUC Nashville, we have a variety of service formats that we enjoy together. You can check them out below!

1st Sunday

The first Sunday of each month is our “Family Service”. All of our church families will be together in the main building, together! There is no Kids Ministry provided on this Sunday, as we want our kids with us as families, so we can all worship and experience the service together. We are mindful of our kiddos during this service, as we keep things moving along to make it engaging & fun for all ages. These are great services for you to experience HopeUC Nashville and the culture of FAMILY that we’re wanting to create.

2nd & 3rd Sunday

During these weeks, we will offer Kids Ministry for ages 0-13. Our Kids Ministry, called KidsUNLTD,  is open right at the beginning of services, and parents can visit their kids’ ministry area to check their kids in, and learn more about the ministry. Worship and fellowship begins at 10am in the main barn on the Homestead Property – we’d love to have you come experience it with us! Lastly, on months that have five Sundays, the “extra” Sunday will follow this service format.

Last Sunday

The last Sunday of each month, all of our church members meet in each other’s homes in the morning followed by a worship night at the barn. Each home has live worship, fellowship, as well as a streaming sermon and community time. Members attend approved, safe and friendly homes, along with a few other families in that home. The whole family is welcome! We believe that our faith in Jesus goes far beyond the church property. Meeting together at the Homestead Church property is important. But real life, real family and community, happens in our homes.

his presence is our passion

Our Ministries

community is our heartbeat

are you new to hopeuc nashville or thinking about visiting? 

We invite you to visit us at 10am in the Barn on Sunday mornings! We are a family of families that wants you to come as you are.

the word is our foundation

Pastors Dustin & Jeanna Smith

Founders of Here Be Lions Ministries, Dustin & Jeanna Smith have been leading and pastoring for over 20 years. As the Senior Pastors of HopeUC Nashville Church located outside of Nashville, TN, Dustin and Jeanna have been instrumental in creating a community of worshippers who are passionate about encountering God’s presence.

With a joyful and committed marriage spanning over 25 years, Dustin and Jeanna have cultivated a deep love and partnership. They are blessed with three children—Jordan, Drew, and Asher. The Smith family has dedicated their lives to seeking the face of God, resulting in their emergence as a powerful voice to the nations, magnifying the value of God in the eyes of others.

We are a family of families and are much better together than alone

We can't wait to see you Sunday at 10am!

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